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Sarah Dekker

Psychedelic Practicioner

Sarah  Dekker
  • Offers: Psychedelic integration, Psilocybin-assisted treatment, Psychedelic Preparation, and Breathwork
  • 3 years of experience
  • Speaks: English and Dutch
  • Kalmthout, Belgium
  • Offers Online Appointments
  • Offers In Person Appointments

My approach

Hello there! I'm Sarah, and I’m here to guide you on a powerful journey of healing and self-discovery through personalized psilocybin truffle sessions. With the aid of psilocybin truffles, we'll explore the inner workings of your mind in a safe and nurturing environment.


Preparation is a crucial part of the process. During this stage, I will work closely with you to ensure that you are mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for your session. We'll discuss your intentions, address any concerns, and create a tailored plan that suits your needs.

The Session

The session itself is where the journey begins. In a safe and comfortable space, you will consume the psilocybin truffles, and I will be there to guide you through the experience. During this time, you will delve into the depths of your consciousness, exploring different facets of your psyche, and uncovering profound insights and emotions.


After the session, it’s time to make sense of what you experienced. Integration is essential for applying the insights you gained to your daily life. We'll discuss your experience, and I’ll help you to process and understand the emotions and thoughts that arose during your journey.

Now, let’s talk about the four key elements that make this journey unique:

  1. Breathwork: Through breathing exercises, you'll learn to use your breath to regulate your emotional state and connect deeper with your inner self. This is especially powerful when combined with the psychedelic experience, opening doors to healing and personal insights.

  2. Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy: IFS views your psyche as composed of various “parts” or sub-personalities, each having its own dynamics. During the session, we'll employ IFS to understand and reconcile these different parts of yourself. This facilitates deep internal healing and self-understanding, particularly as these parts become more accessible during the psilocybin experience.

  3. Ritual: Implementing rituals, such as lighting a candle or setting an intention, helps create a sacred space for your experience. This practice encourages you to enter the journey with an open and respectful mindset, contributing to the depth and quality of your experience.

  4. Trauma Work with the Body: Recognizing that trauma often resides deeply within our bodies, this approach enables you to navigate and release traumatic energy. By combining bodywork and touch with the psychedelic journey, we create an opportunity to process and release stored trauma, leading to profound healing and transformation.

Through this thoughtful combination of preparation, the session itself, integration, and the incorporation of breathwork, IFS, ritual, and trauma-informed care, we create a comprehensive approach to your healing journey. I’m here to support you every step of the way as you explore your inner landscape and move toward positive change and self-discovery.

Education and Training

Relevant Education & Training

My greatest teacher is nature, along with years of experience guiding people through deep personal processes alongside my own healing journey.

Relevant workshops completed in addition to experiences below: TRE, the Enneagram, the Journey, voice liberation, Family Constellations, Movement Medicine, Contact Improvisation, Art Therapy, Qigong, Yoga, Holotropic breathwork, an introduction to Somatic Experiencing.

BA, Gender studies, University of Utrecht 2008-2011 (Cum Laude) Psychedelics.

Countless intentional psychedelic journeys with various plant medicines since Feb 2018.

Regular ongoing Peer Supervision, Guild of Guides of the Netherlands.

Numerous talks & events with the Psychedelic Society of Belgium, Synthesis, Open Foundation and online symposiums.

Trauma & Personal Development

Facilitator at Bethanie Psychiatric Hospital, Belgium, 2020.

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Systems (BBTRS), training & practice since 2019.

IFS Level 2 Deepening, Internal Family Systems Institute, Portugal, 2022.

IFS 4-Day deepening module– Institut IFS Francophone Bruxelles, 2021.

IFS Level 1 Practitioner Training, Internal Family Systems Institute, Belgium, 2020/2021.

Gender Equity & Reconciliation International - Online Facilitation training, 2020.

International Certification Nonviolent Communication Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) 2012-2019.

Train-the-Trainer, Year-long program for Nonviolent Communication trainers with Assessor Thera Balvers, 2019.

International Intensive Training (IIT), 2018, the Netherlands –10-day training in NVC.

Life Enriching Education Lab (LEE Lab), 6-day immersive training in NVC in parenting & education, Belgium, 2018.

Gender Equity and Reconciliation International, year facilitator training in South Africa, 2016.

Landmark Forum (+seminar series) & Landmark Advanced Course, South Africa, 2015-2016.

NVC & Conflict Mediation (with multiple CNVC trainers between 2013 & 2023).

Meditation Practice

5x 7-day Intensive Dyad Meditation retreats 2018-2022.

10—day Vipassana silent meditation retreat 2019.

6-day Mondo Zen silent Meditation Retreats 2018.

Facilitation of numerous meditation retreats and years of personal meditation practice.

More things to know about Sarah

  • Pricing:
    • Private retreat - 950€
    • Package for two - 1750€
  • Offers payment plan