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Irina Georgieva, PhD


Irina Georgieva, PhD
  • Therapy Specialties: Eating disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Addiction, Burnout, and Insomnia
  • Offers: Psychedelic integration
  • 5 years of experience
  • Speaks: English, Dutch and Bulgarian
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Offers Online Appointments
  • Offers In Person Appointments

My approach

As a therapist, I recognize the value of psychotherapy for psychedelic integration, making it particularly suitable for those seeking deeper understanding and growth. Psychotherapy is a tailored process, typically occurring weekly, with a focus on building a trusting, supportive, and non-judgmental relationship.

Our first session aims to establish rapport and determine compatibility. The therapy's purpose is to help you become aware of suppressed past experiences, connect with emotions, and uncover unconscious motives and fears, particularly relevant after a psychedelic experience.

Together, we'll explore your resources and blockages, allowing you to rediscover your authentic self, reformulate goals, and alleviate symptoms like depression and anxiety. Being your authentic self in the presence of another person has a healing effect, and as your therapist, I will provide the understanding, appreciation, and support necessary for growth.

My psychotherapeutic approach incorporates various techniques, including Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, systematic desensitization, meditation, mindfulness, ecotherapy, and music. This diverse range of methods enables me to address your individual needs creatively and effectively.

Education and Training

I obtained my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Clinical and Health Psychology from Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 2006. To support my studies, I worked in various mental health institutions across the Netherlands, gaining experience with clients suffering from addiction, psychosis, depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, and neurological injuries. I also took a Vipassana meditation course in France, which significantly impacted my understanding of human consciousness.

In 2012, I earned my PhD with a thesis on coercive interventions during inpatient psychiatric care, which influenced Dutch mental health services after being discussed in parliament. I have presented at international conferences and published articles in high-impact scientific journals. I also completed a training in qualitative research methods in mental health care at Oxford University.

In 2020, I finished a four-year program in psychotherapy at the Gestalt Institute of Therapy in Sofia. Currently, I lecture on the Psychology of Addiction at New Bulgarian University in Sofia and lead international scientific projects.

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