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Inna Krylovetska


Inna Krylovetska
  • Therapy Specialties: Anxiety, Existential Questioning, and Depression
  • Offers: Psychedelic integration, Breathwork, ASC preparation, and Substance-free psychedelic experience
  • 10 years of experience
  • Speaks: English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Offers Online Appointments
  • Offers In Person Appointments

My approach

Hello, my name is Inna Krylovetska.

I’m an analytically oriented psychologist. Working with active imagination, body-breathing integration. Providing Psychedelic Integration.

My Sphere of Professional Competencies

  • Working with Trauma and anxiety issues: resolving emotional crises related to acquired experiences, returning to a state of resourcefulness, establishing new patterns of reactions and relationships.
  • Preparation for the experience of altered states of consciousness (ASC) like deep meditation, breath work experience, etc.
  • Guidance through the altered states of consciousness (ASC) like deep meditation, breath work experience, etc.
  • Integration of 3 Aspects: Body, Feelings, Mind.
  • Studying the body map that reflects emotional memory. Unveiling suppressed impulses and forming strategies to help with their actualization.
  • Moving towards wholeness through exploring the masculine and feminine aspects of human psychology.
  • Unveiling and strengthening the connection between consciousness and unconscious through a symbolic level via active imagination.
  • Psychological support for the integration of a psychedelic experience.

The structure of my work

I operate within the methods of somatic-breath integration and active imagination. My primary role as a psychologist is to provide informational support, as understanding how your psyche functions and why specific symptoms arise significantly advances the process of addressing internal issues. Uncertainty and catastrophizing are replaced with comprehension of where I am and in what state, and which strategy to choose for crisis resolution or potential development.

The second task is to expand your range of reactions and coping skills with your own emotions and states. When I understand what I'm feeling, why, and what to do about it, I can freely express and experience these emotions while maintaining a healthy connection with myself and the world.

Another goal is to solidify new strategies of perception and reactions and effectuate changes in the external world.

The most profound and intricate task emerges after mastering the skills of working with states and the body, when your "Self" is sufficiently strong. The process of self-discovery on a deeper level begins through exploring the internal structure on a symbolic level, manifesting through images, dreams, associations, and creative products. At this stage, a complete exploration of the masculine and feminine aspects of the psyche unfolds. We seek your personal path towards Self (wholeness).

The methods I employ, provide effective and safe engagement work with complex and extensive psychedelic experiences, transforming them into valuable self-work skills. Psychedelic integration enables the formation of a stable connection with gained insights and offers the opportunity to apply them in real life. Challenging experiences can reveal their potential for transformation and provide the necessary resource for change, ceasing to be distressing.

Education and Training

I received basic education at the University of A. S. Makarenka, specialty "Practical psychologist". Every year I take refresher courses in body-oriented and analytical approaches. Member and current student of the MIND Foundation program "Augmented Psychotherapy Training" (Berlin). I participate in scientific and practical conferences. Coordinator UniMIND Ukraine.

My certificates and diplomas

More things to know about Inna

  • Pricing:
    • The cost of an individual session (1 hour and 10 minutes) is 60 euro.