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Alexandra Artzoglou, BSc Psychology

Psychologist and certified psychedelic coach

Alexandra Artzoglou, BSc Psychology
  • 3 years of experience
  • Speaks: English, Greek, Spanish
  • Funchal, Portugal
  • Offers Online Appointments
  • Offers In Person Appointments

My approach

The journey to self actualization is the journey of self awareness. The journey towards healing is the journey of coming back to wholeness.

With or without the use of psychedelics, I support, guide, educate, hold accountable and inspire others to move towards an ever-getting better version of themselves through coaching, in-person meetups, and customized journals.

šŸŒ» As a coach, I help individuals piece their lives together by forming a vision for the future, rediscovering purpose and motivation, improving time-management skills, forming healthier habits and routine, as well as through life assessments and a whole lot of self-examination techniques.

šŸŒ» As a psychedelic coach, I help individuals in safely preparing for psychedelic journeys -physically, mentally and spiritually- and be thoroughly informed in order to trust & surrender to the experience. Post-journey, I assist in making meaning and translating the insights of the extraordinary into the day-to-day practices of the ordinary.

šŸŒ» As a compassionate inquiry practitioner in training, I support people uncover the root source of their limiting beliefs, confront depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health challenges through trauma healing and body awareness.

I offer Psychedelic Preparation & Integration, Microdosing Guidance, Psychedelic Assessment, Self-discovery, Goal Setting, Life Plans & Routines

Education and Training

Originally from Greece, I left home at 18 to study the science of the mind (BSc Psychology) and upon graduating, I realized it was the experience of being alive, and the purpose of life that I was after. I then spent more than 6 years in personal and spiritual development workshops across the world, experiencing the soul through the body (yoga), meditation, and psychedelics, while seeking which tools and teachings lead to the healthiest, happiest, and most self-actualized life.

Having spent years dedicated to my own healing, discovering happiness, purpose, and who I want to be along the way, I now light the way for others in discovering their own truth.

My mission is to help people realize their own potential, experience life more fully & make the most of it. After 8 years supporting people in various roles, I am convinced there is greatness inside us and that everyone is capable of self-actualization and healing given the right tools and guidance.

Education and Training BSc Psychology, 2017 250 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, 2019 Laughter Yoga Leader, 2019 Psychedelic Coach, 2023 Compassionate Inquiry, 2024